Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs) are doctors with specialist aviation medicine training. They are approved and audited by the TCICAA to carry out aircrew and Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) medical examinations and to give aviation medicine advice, as necessary.

There are two approval types, based on the training and experience level of the AME. These determine which class of certificate (professional, private and/or ATCO) they can assess.

  • ‘1’ rated AMEs – can examine and issue revalidation/renewal medical certificates for all classes, including initial Class 2;
  • ‘2’ rated AMEs – can examine and issue initial/revalidation/renewal medical certificates up to and including Class 2 standards.

Certification and re-certification fees

An annual certification fee will be charged to all TCICAA approved AMEs.

Guidance and Resources

The TCICAA produces regular updates for AMEs. These include regulatory and policy changes and details of relevant courses and seminars.

All users should familiarise themselves with the AME policies and guidance, as well as pre-published dates when the system will be unavailble due to scheduled maintenance.

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